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My name is Noma, better known as Gogo_Noma. I am the founder of Learning with Noma: The Institute of Indigenous Knowledge Systems PTY(Ltd). This is Your Home of Spiritual Learning and Healing, a platform created to help you understand Spirituality and Health in all aspects of life.

I am a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a Nurse, an Indigenous African Healer and above all a life-long student to my Ancestors. 

I am a qualified and registered Nurse in General, Community and Psychiatric Nursing Science, and Midwifery. I hold a Degree in Nursing Education and Administration and I have recently completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health.

I believe that just as we are all unique individuals, so are our Spiritual journeys and that on our individual journeys' we should always seek to learn and grow.

I hope that your being here is the start of a fruitful journey of discovery and growth. Welcome to my classroom.


About the classroom

This is an online classroom, aimed at changing lives one lesson at time. My aim with this classroom is:


  • To simplify learning.

  • To encourage Continuous Self Development (CSD).

  • To provide a safe non-discriminating environment for learning.


To help heal individuals, near and far, through education and learning, equipping each in their own spiritual journey through holistic teachings.


A comprehensive online classroom where people can change their lives one lesson at a time.


Learning and growing together






Continuous Self Development (CSD)


My Practise

I offer Spiritual Consultations through various Divination methods, most dominant being Bone Throwing.

I am called to help align the Physical Being with the Spiritual world. I am a channel used to facilitate communication, engagement and transparency between you, your Ancestors and your Spirit Guides. You are forever connected, I assist in aligning.

I help identify the Root Cause of your Dis-Ease, a lot of Spiritually-led-Counselling takes place and no diagnosis is made without treatment or guidance to facilitate the healing process.

I believe and practice holistic healing. I am a born Dream Interpreter who is growing daily in this particular field. Visit TikTok to learn more.

I operate 6 days a week and Consult per appointment ONLY. 

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